Monday, December 28, 2009

Suddenly Circus Retrospective

It's amazing how life can carry you away. We have been meaning to keep up to date/and reflect on Suddenly Circus for so long but, ahem, life got in the way. We had an amazing Summer full of Spontaneous Circus, thanks to our friends at Burners without Borders who gave us a very generous grant for materials.

One challenge we faced was a VERY RAINY Northeast Summer. Practically all of the dates we set were rained out, so we had to do what circus people do best-IMPROVISE!

We extended and changed our goals and brought our circus toys, hoops, dress up clothes and energy to the far corners of New England(and Central America!)

This is a photo respective of some of the amazing times we had-And it's not over yet! Through this experience we have realized just how valuable spontaneous play can be, and plan to bring a more organized, festival version of Suddenly Circus back to Central America and work with Village kids who are starving for some expressive arts.
In the pictures you see Starma at Inner City playgrounds, libraries, art festivals, Fundraising dinners, and the beach in Belize!
We hope you enjoy the virtual journey! Please contact us at if you are interested in participating in future projects!
Much Love and Light!
Miss Bliss

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Suddenly Circus

Yay!!! We just finished up another Suddenly Circus! As with our first one, we were blessed with a rare day of warmth and sunshine, and thanks to a neighboring summer program we were flooded with millions upon millions of elementary aged kids thrilled for the chance to play play play. With our golden glittery treasure chest over flowing with juggling balls, spinning plates, poi, diabolo, devil sticks, costumes, noise makers, face paints, and hoola hoops there was no shortage of fun to be had. Miss Bliss even pulled out her accordion and led mini parades around the playground. My heart is happy to see so many people given the chance to experience the wonderful world of circus, and I am forever inspired by the creative genius of a child's freedom to play.

Word is spreading about Starma and our programs, we even had a family travel all the way up from Norwood just to play with us today! Looking forward to our week long summer camps July 20-24 and August 17-21, sure to be full of more circus fun. For dates and information please find us at

Many thanks to all who have supported Starma, and most especially to Burner Without Borders ( for funding Suddenly Circus!

Until Next Time
~~ Miss Muckus